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Jawaban Hortatory text tentang school uniform

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Hortatory text tentang school uniform

Jawaban #1 untuk Pertanyaan: Hortatory text tentang school uniform

School uniform is special clothes worn by all students of a particular school. The uniform of a school may differ from others. Why should schools use uniforms? Below are some reasons.

 First of all, Notre Dame’s Department of Sociology produced a study in 1998 concerning school uniforms. Their findings using 10th grade students showed that uniforms have no direct effect on “substance abuse, behavioral problems or attendance.” It also claimed a negative effect on student achievements for those students considered ‘pro-school’.

Secondly, uniform helps to create a strong sense school ethos and a sense of belonging to a particular community. As such it promotes discipline and helps to drive up academic standards, which is why a uniform is often adopted by schools which are being reopened with a fresh start after being classified as failing.

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